TerraMaster File System Snapshot Disaster Recover Tool Launched

Dec 14, 2022 | CM

December 14th, 2022 Shenzhen, China - TerraMaster, a professional brand that specializes in providing innovative storage products for home, businesses and enterprises launches the TerraMaster File System Snapshot (TFSS), a disaster recover tool developed based on the BTRFS file system. TFSS takes a snapshot of the entire file system that provides accurate data history which in turn helps in preventing data loss caused by errors or cyberattacks such as malwares, ransomwares, and viruses.

The TerraMaster File System Snapshot (TFSS) provide flexible and efficient data protection and recovery tools while improving high data integrity. Every year, more than one million devices around the world are ravaged by cyberattacks resulting to millions of losses. TerraMaster TFSS aims to provide disaster recovery and restoration against such scenarios and protect users from data loss.

TFSS Key Features

Protects Entire File System

Once TFSS is enabled, it will automatically snapshot all volumes in the TNAS device using the BTRFS file system, without the need to manually set the snapshot destination and storage location, and all data under the file system will be fully protected. Each file system can retain up to 1024 snapshots, providing you with adjustable data protection capabilities that save storage capacity and meet stringent snapshot performance requirements.

Minimal Resource Requirement

The TFSS snapshot function uses the BTRFS COW (copy-on-write) feature, so snapshots can be created almost instantly. Each snapshot only needs dozens of K storage space, and it can provide secure data protection without occupying a lot of disk space.

Efficient Data Restoration

Snapshot files are stored as read-only file types in hidden system directories, and once created, the content cannot be modified. When a disaster occurs or is attacked by ransomware, through TFSS's intuitive graphical interface, you can browse historical versions of file system snapshots and restore data to the state before the disaster with just a few clicks.

Custom Snapshot Schedule

TFSS provides a customizable snapshot task schedule, and the snapshot time, period, and frequency can be customized. With a comprehensive snapshot schedule, you will no longer be afraid of ransomware attacks and give your data peace of mind.

The TerraMaster File System Snapshot (TFSS) is now available as one of the backup options for TNAS models running on TOS 5. Learn more about TOS 5 at TerraMaster.

For more information about the TerraMaster File System Snapshot feature, please visit TerraMaster.com.

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