Visit our booth at IFA Berlin 2018, experience professional storage device!

Aug 27, 2018 | zz

  Commencing on August 31, 2018, TerraMaster, a global brand of storage device, will spotlight its full line of professional storage products at the world-leading consumer electronics and home appliances show, IFA Berlin for 6 days.

  On No. 116 Stand in Media Hall 17, TerraMaster will showcase with its partner Seagate their state-of-the-art technology application and related products.


  Exhibition Time:  From Aug. 31th to Sep. 5th

  Exhibition Venue:  Messe Berlin, Germany

  Booth No.:  116 Stand in Media Hall 17


  Welcome our agents, distributors, retailers, buyers and IT professionals to visit No. 116 Stand in Media Hall 17.

  If you’re interested and intend to discuss business with us, please make an appointment and we’ll arrange for your convenience.

  Look forward to meeting you at the exhibition!


  At IFA Berlin, TerraMaster will show global users with our recently launched NAS and DAS product series, including Intel Apollo NAS series, Intel Xeon E3 rack-mounted NAS series, as well as 5 bay and 8 bay Thunderbolt 3 series.


  In collaboration with partner Seagate, TerraMaster has also launched latest function application of IronWolf Health Management.

  IronWolf Health Management enables perfect display of Seagate’s IronWolf NAS HDD in TerraMaster full-series NAS, its triple functions of Prevention, Intervention and Recovery bring the users with the securest and most effective safeguard.

  TerraMaster has launched the most powerful Intel Xeon E3 rack-mounted NAS series in its history, storage capacity of this rack-mounted NAS series is up to 24bay, including 1U-4BAY, 2U-8BAY, 3U-12BAY, 4U-16BAY and more, the functional configurations and features fully meet the requirements of SMEs of various sizes.


  Recently launched Intel Apollo NAS series will also debut at IFA Berlin. This series incorporates two up-to-date processors of Intel Apollo lake J3355 and J3455, including tower products from 2bay, 4bay, 5bay to 8bay, their read-write speed and system performance will be improved remarkably; in addition, they’re more powerful in supporting application functions, such as Btrfs file system and snapshot, AES 256 file encryption and network transmission encryption, 4K video hardware online trans-coding play; powerful Docker is easy to use.

  Moreover, TerraMaster will bring D5 Thunderbolt 3 and D8 Thunderbolt 3, two fastest models in the history, with transmission rate up to 1600MB/S.


  All products in TerraMaster DAS Thunderbolt 3 series support using DP interface and daisy chain, for linking multiple devices at one time and nonlinear editing of high-definition video like 4K etc.

  Also, professional hardware RAID control supports online RAID transfer, RAID online expansion, RAID automatic reconstruction, sector automatic restoration, supports multiple functions such as hot spare, spam mail alert etc, leading to substantially improved security of data storage with the products.