TOS 5 Insider Preview

Nov 1, 2021 | mdl

After 1 year, more than 50 new features, 600 improvements, more than 300,000 lines of code..., the new TerraMaster NAS operating system (TOS 5), which is better, faster, safer, and more  polished will soon be available. Now we are recruiting the first batch of users worldwide with limited quantity to participate in the TOS 5 insider preview program.


To participate in the preview program, please send an email to our team with a request to participate and tell your name, TNAS model number, the purpose of your TNAS, then wait for our further confirmation. Due to quota limitations, we can only pick some users from the applicants to participate in the first preview.


Registration contact:

Process: Registration>Qualification >Shortlist Announcement> Testing >Review and bug report;


Important notes

Since the preview version belongs to the early version of the system, some features may have bugs or even not fully developed. In order to ensure your data security, you need to pay attention to the following requirements:


1. Have a TerraMaster x.86 TNAS device, such as: 220 series, 221 series, 420 series, 421 series, 422 series;

2. Back up your data before installing the new system;

3. The preview version is not suitable for working or production environments. If your TNAS device is running business or storing important data, please do not participate in this program;



Best Regards

TerraMaster Marketing Team

Nov 1st, 2021