/ TerraMaster Data Backup and Protection Solutions: Centralized Backup and Duple Backup for Business and Professional Users

In the modern business environment, the importance of enterprise data is increasingly prominent, leading to an increased demand for data security and reliability. Various potential threats and risks, such as hardware failures, human errors, virus attacks, natural disasters, etc., can result in significant losses for businesses, including financial losses, damaged reputation, and business interruptions.

To address these issues, TerraMaster has introduced two backup applications: Centralized Backup and Duple Backup. Centralized Backup and Duple Backup provide excellent data protection solutions for enterprises and professional users. Whether it's critical business data for large enterprises or important files for individual users, they ensure secure data backup and fast recovery. With these tools, you can optimize your backup process, reduce the risk of data loss, and enhance business continuity.

What is centralized backup?

Centralized Backup is a professional disaster recovery tool developed specifically for business users. Similar to Synology's Active Backup for Business, it supports active backups of multiple users, PCs, and servers, and is suitable for backup and recovery operations on various types of devices. With just one NAS device, you can easily centralize the backup of data from dozens or even hundreds of PCs, servers, or virtual machines.

How does centralized backup work?

1. Centralized backup for PCs and Macs:

With the PC backup module of Centralized Backup, IT administrators can initiate backup requests from the server side to actively back up folders, disk partitions, or system partitions on hundreds of employees' computers.

2. Centralized backup for Server:

With the server backup functionality of Centralized Backup, IT administrators can simultaneously back up the systems and data of multiple servers, reducing the risk of data loss in the event of a disaster.

3. Centralized backup for VM :

Centralized Backup supports storage backups of VMware Vshpere and Windows Hyper-V virtual machines. With the virtual machine backup feature of Centralized Backup, backups can be initiated from TNAS for multiple virtual machine clients.

Centralized Backup provides centralized data protection, while Duple Backup is used to backup data stored in the NAS, providing additional dual protection.

What is Duple Backup?

Failures in disks, systems, and hardware devices can lead to data loss. By storing copies of your data on different devices, or even in different locations, you can effectively protect your data assets in case of accidents. Similar to Synology's Hyper Backup, TerraMaster Duple Backup can backup data in the NAS and allows you to specify multiple backup destinations.

Features of Duple Backup:

1. Extensive backup destinations: You can choose up to 4 different backup destinations for the data in TNAS, such as another TNAS device, file servers, WebDAV servers, and various mainstream cloud drives.

2. 3-2-1 backup strategy: Keep at least 3 copies of the data, with 2 copies stored on different devices and at least 1 copy stored off-site.

3. Fast recovery: In the event of an accident, users can use Duple Backup's restore tool to quickly restore the data.


How to use Centralized Backup and Duple Backup?

If you have a TerraMaster NAS, you can download the latest TOS 5.1 operating system from the official website and find these two backup applications in the TOS App Center. Additionally, depending on your needs, you can choose from different NAS models such as F4-423, T6-423, T9-423, U8-450, and more.

No matter how many computers, servers, or virtual machines you need to backup, or if you want to backup data from your NAS, TerraMaster rich backup applications make the process effortless. The intuitive graphical interface allows even beginners to easily get started. Whether you are a small or medium-sized enterprise, or an individual or home user, Centralized Backup and Duple Backup provide modern application backup and recovery solutions that offer excellent data protection, enhance business efficiency, and prepare you for future challenges.

Centralized Backup: https://www.terra-master.com/global/centralized-backup/

Duple Backup: https://www.terra-master.com/global/duple-backup/

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