/ Ma Labs Inc in US

The Company

Founded in 1983, Ma Labs Inc is one of the world's premier IT distributors, offering a comprehensive range of inventory, including CPUs,
storage devices, notebooks, motherboards, graphics cards, displays, networking, cases, input devices, software, image solutions, consumer electronics and more.

The Challenge

  • It is very unsafe to store a large amount of personal data stored on mobile phones or computers. 
  • The price of hard drives are too high, is there a cost-effective solution to obtain a large amount of storage space?
  • The transmission speed and professional performance are very important to photographers and video editors.

The Solution 

For the different needs from customers, Ma Labs Inc recommends TerraMaster home NAS F2-211, cost-effective DAS products: D2-310,
D5-300 and super-performance video editing RAID storage: D5 Thunderbolt 3.

The Benefits 

  • Intel dual-core 2.0GHz, up to 36TB storage space, read speed reaching 119 MB/s and write speed reaching up to 118 MB/s makes F2-211 a perfect home NAS to choose.
  • TerraMaster D2-310 and D5-300, supporting multiple RAID modes and making full use of the storage space are perfect choice to replace the expensive hard drives. 
  • D5 Thunderbolt 3 professional-grade RAID storage with 90TB storage space and a 40-Gbps lightning speed interface, and the read and write support attains speeds of up to 1,035 MB/s, is definitely a cost-effective device for photographers and video editors.