/ Starcenter in Uruguay

The Company

Founded in 2007, Starcenter (Sammel SA) is a national wholesaler company dedicated to imports, which are a team of people committed to personalized attention to clients and to the care of brands and oriented to satisfy the needs of resellers and distributors in the field of technology and office supplies.

The Challenge 

  • Large amount of data backup needs to be stored and managed in proper way.   
  • Need devices which can be used to expand the server capacity effectively.   
  • Most important, the total budget is also a main problem.  

The Solution

Starcenter acts as the representative of several brands in Uruguay, such as Lenovo and Huawei for datacenter systems, whose customers are almost corporate resellers.
Starcenter provided its customers with TerraMaster rackmount NAS U4-111 and U8-111, which are cost-effective way to expand server space to store and manage backup.  

The Benefits

  • Perfectly meet the requirements of enterprise virtualization, data-intensive applications and service continuity.
  • 10Gb Ethernet port provides up to 10Gb of high-speed bandwidth, which is rapid enough for users with large data and strict speed requirements. 
  • The storage capacity of U4-111 and U8-111 can be effectively used to extended the server storage space via ISCSI Target with the operation as below:

To Create an iSCSI Target: 

1. Go to TOS Desktop> Control Panel> Storage Manager> iSCSI Target> Settings;

2. Check "Enable iSCSI target service", then click "Apply";

3. Go to TOS Desktop> Control Panel> Storage Management> iSCSI Target> iSCSI Target list, then click "Create";

4. Fill in the iSCSI Target name and alias. If you have checked "Data Summary" and/or "Header Summary", then the contents of these items will be validated when the iSCSI initiator comes online with the iSCSI Target;

5. Create iSCSI LUN;

6. Click "Create".

iSCSI LUN is a logical disk in iSCSI Target.  One iSCSI Target can have one or more iSCSI LUNs. iSCSI LUNs are configured in two ways:

Thin Provisioning: This flexibly allocates capacities to iSCSI LUNs without being limited by the current system's actual capacity. If the allocated capacity is greater than the available storage capacity of TNAS, you can expand this storage capacity to meet the iSCSI LUN future capacity requirements.

Instant Allocation: The capacity allocated by iSCSI LUN cannot be greater than the available storage capacity of TNAS. Please note that this allocation takes a long time.

CHAP Authentication: If a password is required, password verification must be performed on the iSCSI initiator when mounted. The password cannot be less than 12 characters.

iSCSI LUN Storage Capacity: This can be defined upon creation, and modified after creation. However, this storage capacity can only be increased (not decreased).