/ Hitech Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd in India

The Company 

Founded in 2017, Headquartered in Mumbai, Hitech Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd deal with the entire range of Apple products along with related solution services for more than 4 years,
starting from the revolutionary iPods, iPads, iPhones to stunning iMacs (Desktop Computer by Apple) to performance ridden Mac books and even to the Mac Pro for those high-end professional requirement and related peripherals.

The Challenge  

  •  All data is stored in different hard drives separately. Too many hard disks make management extremely difficult and cumbersome.
  •  Data management is chaotic. When you need to use old data from many years ago, you must go through all hard drives, which is particularly troublesome and laborious
  •  Encounter emergency situations like fire, so many hard drives are too heavy and there is no way to take them away. Thus, the precious data is facing totally corruption

The Solution

Facing the challenges above, Hitech Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd provided appropriate data storage solution to its customer, adopting TerraMaster 10GbE NAS F8-422 with Intel Celeron
quad-core 1.5 GHz processor and a 10GbE port and 2 1GbE ports to support network aggregation. Up to 144TB capacity, supports multiple RAID modes, extensive backup options,
supports synchronization of multiple cloud drives, integrated mobile APP, multilayer safety protection, all these dedicated functions enable its customer achieved the perfect data management.

The Benefits  

  • Achieved centralized data management via TerraMaster F8-422
  • The data can be accessed at any time via mobile APP 
  • Extensive data backup options, without worry about data loss or damage
  • Easy to operate, and data security is perfectly guaranteed