/ Customer Stories: SQP's solution


SQP is a distributor specializing in storage and memory solutions. Most of its users are experts in the photography industry. SQP's 30 years of experience in the storage field can identify and analyze the needs of photographers and provide solutions suitable for the field of photography.


Storage, backup, and editing work are indispensable in the daily life of photographers. In the early storage solutions, many users would chose PCs and mobile hard disks, which were economical. However, that had obvious disadvantages, such as low efficiency and insecure security.

Many photographers have their work sorted by month and stored on individual hard drives, while constantly unplugging and plugging them into computers, making the process of processing documents in Lightroom inefficient. In addition, photographic documents are mostly digital files, and data protection is a matter of great importance.


Terramaster Thunderbolt3 series addresses photographers' data transfer speed and security protection. The Thunderbolt3 series are equipped with two Thunderbolt™ 3 ports and a 40GbE network port, providing powerful potential to accelerate multimedia editing. The configuration of professional hardware RAID can protect data without fail. A large number of sealed photos or videos are undoubtedly an important asset of creative industries such as photography or film production. 


Terramaster Thunderbolt3 series offer three advantages: high speed transmission, scalability, and hardware RAID protection, making it easy and efficient for photographers to manage his files. What’s more, the stable and convenient TOS operating system provides photographers with diversified and flexible backup software. With a simple setting, documents can be synchronized backup and quickly create a stable and safe storage environment.

SQP also mentioned: "Portable devices that can travel lightly, efficiently and safely are very important to photographers. The sturdy aluminum chassis with double handles makes it easy to move Terramaster Thunderbolt3 series to meet the needs of the studio and fieldwork."