/ How do enterprises efficiently backup data?

For enterprises and organizations, it is easy to find any computer system may crash; anyone may make mistakes; disasters always seem to happen when they least expect it. Therefore, data backup and recovery are critical parts of the successful operation. For enterprises, it is important to plan ahead and put data backup systems in place to prevent unexpected events.   

TerraMaster Centralized Backup is a professional disaster recovery tool specially developed for business users. By using Centralized Backup, company IT administrators can use TNAS as the central backup server, without having to configure each host separately, and use TNAS as the initiator to centrally back up the storage space of internal employee computers, workstations, servers, virtual machines, or even the system partition. 

In the latest TOS 5 operating system, we have redesigned Centralized Backup, re-optimized the user interface, added more functions, and improved the user experience. Now, let's take a look at the advantages of Centralized Backup. 

Developed for business users
For business users, data security is extremely important, and for IT administrators, it is a huge challenge to make timely backups of various servers and be able to manage the personal computer data of multiple employees. Centralized Backup combines the needs of business users to provide a centralized active-backup solution.

Multi-purpose machine

By running Centralized Backup on a TNAS device, only one TNAS device can be used to meet the backup requirements of the enterprise for employees' computers, servers, file servers, virtual machines, and workstations, greatly reducing the enterprise's IT investment costs.


Employee computer backup
Different from general backup tools, Centralized Backup does not require employees to participate in the backup process. IT administrators can initiate backup requests from the server through Centralized Backup's PC backup module, and can actively back up folders on hundreds of employees' computers. , disk partition, or system partition. Centralized Backup can greatly protect digital assets scattered on employees' computers, and can greatly reduce the workload of IT administrators.

Server backup
The server is the central nervous system of an enterprise's digital information. The server not only runs a variety of application environments such as OA, CRM, and ERP that support business operations, but also stores important business data. Through the server backup function of Centralized Backup, IT administrators can simultaneously backup systems and data of multiple servers to TNAS. When an accident occurs, the abnormal host can be quickly restored, greatly reducing the impact of equipment failure on the business.


File server backup
The file server is the storage center of enterprise digital assets. Disasters such as unexpected power outages, equipment failures, and system failures may lead to the loss of precious digital assets. Through the file server backup function of Centralized Backup, IT administrators can back up the file directories of multiple file servers to TNAS, reducing the risk of data loss in the event of a disaster.

Virtual machine storage backup
Centralized Backup supports storage backup of VMware Vshpere and Windows Hyper-V virtual machines. Through the virtual machine backup function of Centralized Backup, the backup of multiple virtual machine clients can be initiated from TNAS.

Multi-version restore

Centralized Backup provides the backup target multi-version management function. When a disaster occurs, IT administrators can roll back the time of the repository to find the correct backup version to restore to the specified destination host.

In full control
Centralized Backup not only provides users with detailed backup and restore task configuration history, but also provides millions of logs, allowing you to monitor the backup progress and various exceptions throughout the process. By enabling the notification function, administrators can keep track of the progress status of backup and restoration in a timely manner.


Such a complete and efficient backup tool not only ensures the stability and security of data backup, but also easily reduces the workload of IT administrators and reduces the operating cost of enterprises. It is worth a try for both small and medium-sized enterprises or large enterprises. Centralized Backup will be officially released in the TOS 5 operating system in June. For more details, please pay attention to the TerraMaster official updates.