/ TerraMaster Centralized Backup: Multi-Device Centralized Backup Solution, Enhancing Enterprise Data Security

In the digital age, data has become one of the core assets for businesses. However, backing up data and ensuring its security have always been challenging tasks for small and medium-sized business administrators and IT professionals. Different IT environments, including Windows desktops and servers, file servers, virtual machines, and more, lead to data scattered across various locations, making backups complex and hard to manage. Administrators often need to use different backup tools, which consumes a significant amount of time and effort to maintain data security.

Distributed backup data, inefficient management, and the lack of an integrated backup solution can all have negative impacts on business continuity and efficiency. To address these challenges, TerraMaster has introduced the all-new Centralized Backup, which is a comprehensive business data protection solution designed to meet the backup needs of enterprises and commercial users.

TerraMaster new Centralized Backup solution improves backup efficiency and reduces management costs by backing up diverse IT environments to TNAS devices and centralizing management through TNAS. The user interface is clean and intuitive, offering simplicity in operation while meeting the professional needs of small and medium-sized business administrators and IT professionals, providing efficient backup and recovery capabilities for businesses.

Multi-purpose machine

With Centralized Backup, businesses only need one TNAS device to fulfill various backup requirements, including employee computers, servers, file servers, virtual machines, workstations, and more. This significantly reduces IT investment costs. Data is backed up to the TNAS device through a streamlined and user-friendly process, with centralized management provided by TNAS. This all-in-one business data protection solution caters to the fundamental backup needs of different users, particularly small and medium-sized business administrators.

• PC Backup

IT administrators can initiate backup requests from the server side using Centralized Backup's PC backup module, eliminating the need for employee involvement. This module can back up folders, disk partitions, or system partitions from hundreds of employee computers.

• Server and File Server Backup

Servers serve as the central nervous system of enterprise digital information. They not only run various application environments, such as OA, CRM, ERP, supporting business operations but also store crucial business data. Centralized Backup's server backup functionality allows IT administrators to simultaneously back up the systems and data of multiple servers to TNAS, ensuring the security of vital corporate data. In the event of device failure or other unforeseen circumstances, data can be quickly restored.

• Virtual Machine Backup

The all-new Centralized Backup includes VMware virtual machine backup and recovery capabilities, supporting the backup of virtual machines under VMware vSphere, including ESXi and vCenter components. Centralized Backup supports storage backup for VMware vSphere and Windows Hyper-V virtual machines, helping businesses back up virtual machines and virtualized environments to meet future recovery or migration needs.

Comprehensive Data Protection

Centralized Backup supports multi-version backup of data. By providing multi-version management for backup targets, IT administrators can roll back to specific backup versions in the version repository when disasters strike, ensuring the restoration to the designated destination host. Whether you need to back up extensive data or recover crucial files, TerraMaster can accomplish these tasks with speed and reliability. This helps reduce business interruptions caused by data loss or damage, enhances business continuity, and lowers enterprise risks and costs.

In full control

Centralized Backup not only provides comprehensive backup and restore task configuration history but also records millions of logs, allowing you to monitor the entire backup progress and various exceptional situations. By enabling notification features, administrators can stay informed about the progress status of backup and restore operations, ensuring data security and reliability. This ensures that the backup process is fully controlled, allowing you to manage your data with confidence.

Application Scenarios of Centralized Backup include:

  1. Regular Backups: Enterprises need to regularly back up crucial data to prevent data loss or damage. Centralized Backup can automatically back up a company's data and store it in a secure location for easy recovery when needed.


  1. Data Protection: Centralized Backup can encrypt and compress backup data to safeguard the security of sensitive information, preventing unauthorized access and leaks.


  1. Disaster Recovery: In the face of natural disasters, cyberattacks, or human errors, Centralized Backup can assist businesses in disaster recovery efforts, ensuring a swift return to normal operations.


  1. Cross-Device Data Migration: Centralized Backup helps businesses migrate data from one device to another, such as local server-to-server migrations, while ensuring data integrity and security.


  1. Virtualization Environment Backup: This backup tool can assist enterprises in backing up virtual machines and virtualized environments, facilitating recovery or migration when necessary.

TerraMaster Centralized Backup provides users with an integrated backup solution, helping to reduce risks, cut costs, and enhance business continuity. Whether you are a small or medium-sized business administrator, an IT professional, or an individual user, you can rely on Centralized Backup to protect your data. Whatever your needs may be, don't let your data be at risk—let TerraMaster help safeguard your data security.

Centralized Backup: https://www.terra-master.com/global/centralized-backup