/ 20 Benefits for Partners

Product advantage in competitiveness

Being a partner of TerraMaster.

Enables you to leverage TerraMaster's brand and products in your marketing activities

Industrial information sharing with partners.

To provide you with valuable product details, forward-looking market trend analysis, sales tools, training opportunities, value-added service opportunities, vertical industry insights, the latest updates in competitiveness and more that you look forward to. Industrial information sharing once a month.

Get the details and latest information of products.

After becoming a partner, you can get a technical introduction and functional training for professional storage products, to help your technical team to improve your technical accumulation and functional understanding in TerraMaster products.

Participation into webinars on launching of new product.

Partners will be invited to attend webinars on launching of new products to help them to keep abreast of technical specifications, usage considerations and competitive advantages. In addition, these webinars could also help you to learn how to benefit you and your customers with new products.

Product discounts up to 50%for testing and development customers.

The discounts apply to all TerraMaster products. Discounts and the process of purchase vary by country and product.

Get the latest product roadmap.

By sharing relevant new products and innovative technologies with our partners in a timely manner, and delivering new products to the market in stages, we help our partners to accelerate the introduction of new products and innovative technologies and become early market share leaders. Each partner could get a monthly update on the launch progress of new products.

Collaboration to develop new product solutions.

Co-development of solutions is the highest level of cooperation with TerraMaster. This represents a significant mutual commitment to resources, technology and time to co-develop, co-brand and co-market solutions. Each partner has the opportunity to submit an application request.

Marketing advantage

List partners on TerraMaster's official website.

All the partners from different regions will be listed on the section of Partner on TerraMaster's official website. For many customers, these official partners are expected to be cooperated for business. Tens of thousands of exposures per month are guaranteed for the official website of where to buy.

Use of the TerraMaster Partner Certificate of Authorization.

The TerraMaster Partner Certificate of Authorization will be showed in your marketing materials to promote your relationship with us, allowing customers to trust and cooperate with you. Each partner will be issued a certificate of authorization in corresponding level.

Exclusive TerraMaster product brochure.

TerraMaster's marketing team will help you develop a product brochure highlighting your business information and the integration of TerraMaster products into the solution. Each partner will be provided with at least 4 exclusive product brochures.

Promotion in news release.

Partners will have the opportunity to be promoted in news release to highlight common events and collaborations. This will be your unique opportunity to work closely with TerreMaster. Each partner has at least one opportunity to be reported in TerraMaster news.

Customer case studies.

TerraMaster will help its partners to showcase successful customer study cases on the official website, highlighting the successful collaboration among TerraMaster, its partners and their mutual customers. Each partner can apply to prepare at least one successful customer case.

Marketing promotion in social media.

Stay up-to-date with TerraMaster's products, technologies, services and partner benefits through TerraMaster's official social media. The most relevant information will be forwarded to all partners every week to keep them one step ahead of competitors.

Co-marketing plan.

TerraMaster will work with its partners to agree on a joint marketing plan to help them get better support for their local sales. Each partner will get an opportunity for co-marketing, and agents could work with TerraMaster to carry out monthly co-marketing activities to get support.

Communication with partners of TerraMaster in various fields.

With these resources, the partners could discover and create more sales and collaboration opportunities. All the partners will be provided quarterly with a update on the list of new TerraMaster partners and an opportunity of collaboration in the corresponding field.

Guarantees for partners

Becoming a partner can help you gain more sales opportunities, and also be provided with some protection benefits:

Pre-sales and after-sales service support

Partners could receive comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales service support, technical Q&A assistance on products and solutions, such as support in compatibility, functionality, interoperability, licensing and service inquiries. It is guaranteed to provide a perfect solution within 24 hoursto support partners and customers.

Get referrals from TerraMaster

Upon we get the procurement needs of a customer, we will share him/her with our local partner, and then try to help them to establish a relationship of trust to promote the cooperation. Price reporting and protection will be provided for each order to protect the interests of partners.

More preferential purchase price

Partners in different levels will be offered with different discounts in purchase prices of products. Compared to similar products in the market, a price discount up to 30% will be offered.

Protection on market sales territories and prices

TerraMaster will closely monitor the market conditions and collect the feedback from partners, and impose severe penalties on those who violate the regulations in sales and maliciously disrupt the market in prices (by increasing the purchase price or directly terminating the partnership to stop supply).All of these is to provide all the partners a platform for fair competition.

Discount from third-party service providers

TerraMaster can assist in communicating with software service providers already cooperated to provide services and offer discounts to partners who need these services. For example, backup software, multimedia applications, cloud, remote control and other software service providers, so that partners can get a discount by more than 10%.

Guarantee for zero risk in inventory

In case of any unsalable products from partners, TerraMaster will provide them with a 180-day free replacement of product models or recall of such products (except for custom-made ones).

TerraMaster Partner Program